'Tied'  collage by Ari Fish

'Tied' collage by Ari Fish

Jaimie Warren (Artist, Photographer, One Half of Whoop Dee Doo)

HAW Contemporary (Incredible KC-based gallery)

Cody Critcheloe (Artist, Performer, leader of the band, SSION)

Peggy Noland (Clothing Designer) 

Fifty Fifty (The Best Gallery)

JAM (Musician and philosopher)

Michael Krueger (The Artist)

Laura Berman (Genius artist)

Astro Dienst (The best astrology website known to man)


Dalton Carter (Galeria de Encanto, antiques and fine art of the Americas)

Annie Woodfill (Makes great things, and great things greater)

Expo 70 (Beautiful Music by Justin Wright and collaborators)

Bernhard Willhelm (Clothing Designer, Lifestyle Mastermind)

Astro Dream Advisor (best Mayan Astrology Reading website)

Shenequa A. Brooks (Miami, Florida, based fiber artist)

Kahlil Robert Irving (Saint Louis, Missouri, based artist)

Jonathan Peck (Multi media artist based out of NYC)

Stewart Losee (Enter the TSAZ and become transformed)

Million Brazillians (Music for the future and ancient past, too)

Dame Darcy (Illustrator, writer, musician, oracle)

Purps Percival (Illustrator, writer, taxidermist, marvel)

Psychic Sounds (A mountain of a music label)

Cassie Allen (Illustrator based out of Kansas City, Missouri)

Imani Nixon (Photographer from Jamaica and Miami, Florida)

Nelson Pereira (Photographer based out of Texas and Kansas City, Missouri)

Paul Anthony Smith (Jamaican born multi media artist based out of NYC, from Miami, Florida)

Jill Downen (Sculptor and Professor at Kansas City Art Institute)

Cary Esser (Ceramicist and Chair of Ceramics at the Kansas City Art Institute)

Russell Ferguson (Interview with the profound artist and zen master)

Telephone Booth Gallery (One of the most legit galleries in Kansas City, Missouri)

Community School Number One (Progressive arts integrated primary school in the Kansas City area)

Grant Karpin (Fashion designer and make up artist)

Invisible Conga People (The real ICP)

Michael Krueger (Exceptional artist and Professor of Printmaking at University of Kansas)

Caleb Taylor (Multi media artist and co-chair of Foundation at the Kansas City Art Institute)

Jim Woodfill (Sculptor and thinker, Associate Professor of Painting at the Kansas City Art Institute)

Leone Reeves (Performance artist and visionary)

Chicks on Speed (Musicians, designers, lifestyle makers)

Peaches (Musician, innovator, provocateur)

Vice Cooler (Musician, video producer, artist)

Guy Blakeslee (Profound and sincere musician)

Amanda Charchian (Photographer and spitirual documenteur)

Liz Armstrong (Writer and thinker)

Silvia Abisaab (Photographer)

Ryan Wilks (Painter, shaman, collaborator)

Kin Lin Restaurant (The only Chinese food restaurant to patron in KC)